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Inno4G stands for “Innovate for Good”, which represents our goal of assisting and incentivizing people to innovate for a better tomorrow.  We invest funds and services in for-good innovations to maximize their value and thus create the greatest good.


We believe innovators should be empowered and rewarded for their genius. We are committed to incubate, enable and implement for-good innovations and to provide innovators with opportunities to realize their dreams and thus benefit the society as a result.







Lead commercialization and implementation efforts to place “for good” innovations into the marketplace efficiently.
Lead collaboration and monetization actions to generate and enforce “for good” innovations effectively.
Lead enablement and investment activities to create ventures that utilize “for good” innovations economically.



Invest in joint innovation centers with leading institutions such as Morningside to invest in for-good startups.
Invest in building, expanding and sharing a unique venture ecosystem platform for nurturing for-good startups.
Invest in finding, funding and furthering for-good startups in order to maximize value and create a better tomorrow for all.



Serve with innovative business, legal and technology solutions to maximize for-good value creation and investment returns.
Serve business and investment needs from startups and VCs with unique VSC Ecosystem to enable for-good innovation.
Serve startups in AI, blockchain, cloud and life science areas (ABCLife) with cutting-edge incubation and top professionals. 



Transform good early-stage ABCLife startups with business and VC partners to the best ABCLife ventures.
Transform innovations with IP into working ventures with actual contributions to our goal of building a better tomorrow.
Transform early-stage VC investments with a smart VSC Ecosystem, linking qualified investors with major VCs.  



Inno4G is funded by Morningside Group, a charitable and renowned international family investment fund that has invested in many successful ventures in both China and the US, and has supported many for-good institutions, including a US$350 million donation to the Public Health School of Harvard University in 2014. This generous contribution exemplifies Morningside’s unwavering commitment to support the life sciences especially in light of the
global efforts to control the pandemic.

In 2022 the MIT Morningside Academy for Design was established through a US$100 million gift from Morningside. Set to launch in September, the new academy at MIT takes an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to design
and to solving the world’s greatest problems. Morningside’s success extends further than their philanthropic effortsand continues in their investments which include XiaoMi,,, YY, Xunlei, Kuaishou and soon to be
listed Synermore.

Inno4G’s founding team has worked on many landmark investment projects, including Morningside’s Sohu investment (its first in China), Sina’s IPO, Yahoo!’s entry into China, Goldman Sachs’ investment in Alibaba, Google’s China search operations, and Yahoo!’s investment in Alibaba.  Please see the picture below of the West Lake boat tour with Jack Ma, Jerry Yang, Jerry’s mother and our founder, Dr. Huang, after closing Yahoo!’s US$1 billion
investment in Alibaba on September 9, 2005.



Morningside Group was founded in 1986, by the Chan family of Hong Kong, to make private equity and venture capital investments. The group is managed by investment professionals who are entrepreneurial, have deep industry knowledge and are effective in the local environment in which they operate. In addition to its investment activities, Morningside Group is strongly committed to social responsibility.

VSC Ecosystem

 VSC aims to use blockchain to revolutionize traditional venture capital by opening up co-investment opportunities to qualified investors. The combination of resources from established VC firms and investor support will be a game changer in increasing venture funding, success rate, liquidity and returns. This innovative VSC model will drive innovations and spur the growth of good ventures into great returns




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